AFMA 2016 National Farmers Market Week Two-Step Contest Winners

Dear AFMA members and Prospective Members…

We're excited and proud to announce our winners of AFMA's National Farmers Market Week Two-Step Contest!
1st Place ($300 plus 1,000 Market Bags) – Fayetteville Farmers Market
2nd Place ($200 plus 500 Market Bags) – Searcy County Farmers Market
3rd Place ($100 plus 300 Market Bags) – Vilonia Farmers Market
We're so pleased to say our entries doubled this year and encourage everyone to participate next year! The events are fun…the prizes are great…and, your communities love the festivities!
We also wanted to let you know more about how the contest is judged so you'll understand that no matter how many vendors you have, you have a great chance to win a prize. 
We place markets in three categories so markets of like size are being judged together. The categories we used this year are Category 1 for markets of 50 vendors or more; Category 2 for markets having between 20-49 vendors; and Category 3 for markets having 19 vendors or less. We believe this is the most fair way to ensure everyone has a chance to win. 
We're open to your input about our contests too. So, if you have comments or suggestions, please contact me at my number below!
Be sure to check AFMA's Facebook page for pictures!
Congratulations again…Fayetteville Farmers Market, Searcy County Farmers Market and Vilonia Farmers Market!
Best, Bev

Beverly Montgomery Dunaway

President, Arkansas Farmers Market Association
212 Vernon Avenue #W
Little Rock, AR  72205
PH (870) 213-5785

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