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Dear AFMA Members,

We’re very pleased to invite you to “log on” to your new AFMA website! Many thanks to Shawn Hoefer (from up in Stone County), web host and designer extraordinaire, for his great work!

When you log on, be sure to “Subscribe” to the Site, which means any additions or changes will come straight to your inbox. You’ll see a “Subscribe” button in the right-hand column on each page. Also, please help us get the word out to all your growers and producers so they too might benefit from the flow of information.

You’ll notice that AFMA’s Facebook Page and Listserv both “funnel” into the Site ensuring all subscribers will receive the latest news, information and communication regarding such things as upcoming workshops, important announcements, stories about individual markets, and much more!

Our “Members and Locations” and “Map to Markets” pages will list paid members only, which we’re still in the process of adding. However, if you have paid and do not see your listing, you might send us a message…along with your market’s physical address…to make sure we have it. We encourage those who have not paid to send dues as soon as possible so we can add you. This is a good time for everyone to shift to paying dues at the beginning rather than at the end of the year!

We invite all of you to submit stories of interest. If appropriate, we’ll post them…including pictures…for all to see. Such stories will be an excellent way for managers to honor individual vendors and/or their markets!

Lastly, I want to say it’s been my privilege to serve as President of AFMA. One month ago, I stepped down from that position to take a position with the University of Arkansas, Division of Agriculture. David Adams, Vice President, has become AFMA President and Dr. Kim Pittcock, who was Treasurer, has become Vice President. 

I’m happy to say I’m now responsible for enrolling Arkansas growers, producers and local food-oriented businesses in the Arkansas MarketMaker program that was created with the intention of building an electronic infrastructure that would more easily connect food-producing farmers with new markets. We anticipate MarketMaker serving as an aid in the development of quality driven food supply chains throughout Arkansas.

If you’re a grower, producer or business interested in purchasing locally-grown and/or produced foods, be sure to open your free account with Arkansas MarketMaker. For assistance, give me a call at 501-650-0981.

We’re excited about our new AFMA website. Together, we believe we can create a hub of information that will effectively serve and support Arkansas growers and producers.

Warmest regards, Bev Dunaway

Beverly Montgomery Dunaway

SRMEC – Program Associate
University of Arkansas
Division of Agriculture
Little Rock, AR  72204
PH (501) 650-0981
FAX (501) 671-2215

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