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Pork production survey seeks producer input and feedback

Project leaders of SARE grant, “Improving silvopasture systems in the South: identification of suitable forage crops and enhancement of environmental quality in upland forests” led by Dr. John Quinn and Dr. Brannon Andersen from Furman University are seeking to create a comprehensive social network analysis of pork farmers’ contacts. All producers of pork in the southeast are encouraged to take this short survey about how information is shared between farmers, agencies, and researchers. The goal is to improve how pork producers in the southeast are receiving the information on current best practices, pricing, and innovation. By completing the survey (link below) you will help to improve how information is transferred from research to practice and perhaps more importantly from producers to researcher. Opinions will help guide policy, research, and education in the southeast US. The survey will take between 5 and 15 minutes to complete, depending upon the number of contacts you identify.  All names (personal and farm) will be removed from the data before it is shared with anyone besides the research team.  Your answers are confidential.  However, we would be happy to send the broad research results to you, if desired.


We thank you for your time and for being a part of making pork production an economically viable enterprise! 



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